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Visit Visa to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, RAK, Sharjah, UAQ, UAE

There are several different ways to obtain a visit visa for Dubai and other emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A visit visa and a tourist visa are not the same, although they are both entry permits for visitors to the UAE. The difference is mostly to do with who sponsors the visitor for their trip, cost, and whether or not the visa is renewable. Usually a visit visa is valid 60 days before entry to Dubai, can only be used for a single entry, and after exit the visitor must stay away from the UAE for 30 days before re-applying for a new visa (there are some exceptions). For individual or company sponsorship of a UAE visit visa, the sponsor must be based in the UAE, and have a UAE residence visa if the sponsor is a person. GCC nationals do not need a visit visa to enter the UAE. GCC residents, or visitors accompanying GCC nationals might be able to obtain a visit visa more easily - contact a UAE immigration department.

Although UAE immigration rules are supposed to be federal, there are sometimes differences between emirates in how they are interpreted and implemented. Sometimes even within an emirate, perhaps depending on the mood of the border control official or immigration department official. Sharjah in particular seems to be more restrictive and inconsistent.

  • UAE Property Owner Visa - new in 2009, not clear if regarded as a visit visa or residence visa by the UAE immigration authorities (probably a visit visa), multi-entry, valid 180 days, renewable
  • UAE Tourist Visa - valid 30 days, renewable once, available to most nationalities, sponsored by an airline, travel agent, or hotel.
  • UAE Transit Visa - not really a visit visa but might be an easier option for short stays of less than 4 days.
  • UAE Visit Visa on Arrival - valid 30 days, "renewable" (new visa issued each time) indefinitely, available to some nationalities only, obtain at passport control on arrival at any UAE border entry point (airport, land, or sea), new visa can be issued immediately after exit (30 day waiting period outside UAE not required).
  • UAE visit visa - 30 days or 90 days, not renewable (usually), sponsored by company, relative, or friend (sometimes).
  • UAE Visit Visa for GCC Residents (unconfirmed) - 30 days, renewable once, costs 100 dhs. Restricted to certain high-level professions (doctor, teacher, manager, lawyer, etc). Visa fee might be higher than 100 dhs. Some sources say this visa is not renewable but that might be old information.
  • UAE visit visa for visitors with GCC nationals (unconfirmed) - 30 days, renewable once.

UAE Visit Visa Sponsorship

For visitors not from one of the countries that can obtain a visit visa on arrival, they need to find a UAE based sponsor to apply for a visit visa for them. The sponsorship possibilities are (updated after new UAE visa rules in July 2008):

  • Company sponsorship UAE visa - UAE based company needs to have a deposit with the UAE immigration authority, this type of visit visa is intended for business visitors to the UAE that have some type of relationship to the company. Proof of this might be requested (a business card on arrival for example).
  • Friend sponsorship UAE visa - possible under certain conditions: minimum salary, limited number of professions, might be difficult for males attempting to sponsor unrelated females or vice versa. The minimum salary figure was 10,000 dhs per month in 2008 but might vary, or be applied inconsistently.
  • Relative sponsorship UAE visa - easy for first degree relatives (mother, father, son, daughter, husband or wife, brother or sister), more difficult for second degree relatives - will probably require special permission from the immigration department.

Documents and requirements needed for individual sponsoring a visit visa

  • Resident's passport with valid UAE residence visa.
  • Resident's labour contract or salary certificate as proof of minimum salary.
  • Proof of relationship of family member, documents will probably need to be attested.
  • Proof of medical / health / accident insurance for the visitor.
  • Copy of visitor's passport (should be valid for at least 6 months after expected date of entry to the UAE).
  • Visa application form - obtain at the typing center at the immigration department (DNRD in Dubai, or other UAE immigration office).
  • Relevant visa fees.
  • Refundable deposit (might be AED 1000 or AED 2000 - different information seen).
  • Minimum salary requirement as follows (treat figures as approximate):
Relationship First-degree
Minimum Salary AED 4,000-5,000 AED 6,000-7,000 AED 10,000

Procedure to obtain Visit Visa for Dubai and other UAE Emirates

  • The person or PRO of the company sponsoring you needs to go to the immigration department of the emirate which issued their residence visa (or trade licence). It might be possible to apply in a different emirate if the sponsor has a good reason for that e.g. they live in a different emirate to the one that issued their residence visa (in which case they should bring a copy of their tenancy contract, DEWA or telephone bill as proof they live in a different emirate, or labour card as proof they work in a different emirate), but they might still be told to go to the emirates that issued their residence visa.
  • The process starts at the typing center where the visa fees are paid and the application form will be filled in. The typing center will direct the applicant to the next relevant counter for document submission and processing.
  • Visit visa should be issued within a day or two, possibly the same day if urgent processing fees are paid. After receiving the visit visa, either the original or a copy should be sent to the visitor.
  • If only the copy is sent, then the original visa needs to be deposited at the Dubai airport DNATA counter at least three hours prior to arrival of the visitor. There is also a Visa Delivery Service available at the DNATA counter at the DNRD (but visa needs to be left with them a day before arrival of the visitor).
  • For other emirates, ask when the visa is collected from the immigration department, where the visa needs to be deposited for collection by the visitor on arrival.

Renewing a visit visa

Conflicting information seen regarding whether a visit visa is renewable. The DNRD visa fees table says neither visit visa is renewable. Confusion might be because other common visa types used by visitors are renewable - a UAE Tourist Visa and a UAE Visit Visa on Arrival.

Visit visa cancellation and deposit refund

  • When the guest leaves the UAE, the visa is automatically cancelled.
  • Any overstaying fines are paid on departure - allow AED 100 for overstaying plus AED 200 per day (it might still be AED 100). Entry day and exit day are counted, and remember the "one month visa" is actually only valid for 30 days. There is possibly a grace period of 10 days but don't count on it.
  • After the guest has left, the sponsor needs to go back to the immigration department where the visit visa was issued, and present their deposit receipt to get a refund. Their computer system will be automatically updated when the visitor departs, proof of departure should not be needed.

Working on a Dubai UAE visit visa

Employment in the UAE is not permitted while on a visit visa. That's not to say it doesn't happen, it does but the company runs the risk of fines and being blacklisted for future work permit and visa applications, and the visitor runs the risk of fines, deportation, and a long or permanent UAE immigration and labour ban. For expats who are arriving for the first time in the UAE for a new job, it's not uncommon for the company to ask new workers to obtain a visit visa on arrival if they are from one of the countries that can do so, since it's easier than the company applying for an employment entry permit. Expats are not supposed to start working until the company has processed their residence permit and labour card. Whilst the risk of getting into trouble might be relatively low, there is still a risk, and new residents should try to avoid being put into this position. Especially since some less scrupulous companies use this system to avoid processing expat residency and labour status for a lengthy time (the employee is sent across a border to renew their visit visa repeatedly). Workers in this situation also do not have any of the employment rights protected under UAE law.

Finding a job while on a visit visa in Dubai UAE

It is acceptable to look for work with a UAE employer while on a visit visa, and many expats do exactly that. It is also a good idea to visit the UAE if you have been offered a job, before accepting the job. Just remember not to actually start working while still on a visit visa.


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