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Visit visas on arrival as of early 2009 appear to be valid for 30 days (not 1 month, 60 days, or 2 months), irrespective of what the passport stamp or immigration officials tell you. Confusion with visa rules in the UAE is common. Mind the gap.

Free Visit Visa on Arrival Nationalities (valid for 30 days)

Visit visas can be obtained on arrival in Dubai and UAE if you are a national of one of the 33 (or 34 or 36) countries in the following table. No prior arrangements need to be made and the visa stamp is free when arriving at Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi Airport, or other airports. You might have to pay 20 or 30 dhs at UAE land borders. Nationals of these countries can also get their UAE visas renewed more easily, for example by driving to Oman and back (but confirm you can get an Omani visa at the border first).

Andorra Germany Liechtenstein Portugal
Australia Greece Luxembourg San Marino
Austria Holland Netherlands) Malta¹ Singapore
Belgium Hong Kong Malaysia South Korea
Brunei Iceland Monaco Spain
Canada Ireland Netherlands (Holland) Sweden
Cyprus³ Italy New Zealand Switzerland
Denmark Japan Norway United Kingdom
Finland   Paraguay² United States
France     Vatican City
  • Malta unconfirmed if included or not, is not on 33 country list on DNRD website (last checked 20 January 2010).
  • Paraguay was not in the original list of countries but was seen in a list published by the Gulf News (a UAE newspaper) on 25 December 2006. Is not on DNRD website 33 country list (last checked 20 January 2010).
  • Included in list published by Gulf News 20 January 2010 but not in DNRD website list of countries (last checked 20 January 2010).

Some country spellings are slightly different on the DNRD website, with our guess in brackets - Liechtain (Liechtenstein), New Zeland (NZ)

25 December 2006 - Gulf News (a UAE newspaper) reported that 'visas on arrival' were under review by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, especially for European countries that have more restrictive entry procedures for UAE nationals. So far nothing seems to have changed i.e. Western Europeans can still get a free UAE visit visa on arrival.

Resident visa holders in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia) of any nationality might be able to obtain a visit visa on arrival in the UAE. Confirm with an airline, UAE embassy, or UAE immigration department before travelling though, information about this type of visa seems to be sketchy (possibly to allow passport control officers more flexibility in admitting or rejecting travellers when they arrive in the UAE).

  • Visitors should be of a higher-level profession (doctor, engineer, professor, teacher, lawyer, manager, etc).
  • Valid passport with valid GCC residence stamp is required, along with proof of employment in the country of residence (residence stamp in passport might be sufficient, or bring labour card / letter from employer stating job title).
  • Visa fee is apparently AED 100 but some reports of visitors paying up to AED 200 as an entry fee.
  • Probably renewable once (some sources say not renewable but that might be old information).

Dubai DNRD website says "GCC nationals (Resident) - To be issued to GCC resident nationals and those who accompany them. Valid for 30 days and renewable once for a similar period (30 days). " which sort of sounds like they're referring to GCC citizens rather than any GCC resident. But GCC citizens have visa-free entry to the UAE anyway. And it's not clear if pre-travel application is required or if it is available on arrival in the UAE.


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Please Note: Visa rules, requirements, prices or any figures mentioned in this website can and do change suddenly, and without a warning. Information here may not be complete or accurate. We recommend to check always the UAE embassy in your country or the relevant authority in the UAE.





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